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Big Mutherfukin' Crab Truckers


Original system (for inspiration and world building): bmct.pdf

Fate Accelerated: Fate Accelerated

Some ideas for character building: Crab

So due to a potential lack of funness, I've elected to use the Fate Accelerated system instead of the BMCT system. Basically, I'm have a lot of fun world building, and I just don't think the BMCT system will be fun.

In terms of character building, go wild. Character background won't effect the first session, but may effect future sessions (if we decide to do more).

In the BMCT system, there are four basic character classes. Each has a total of four traits. A trait is a word (usually a verb or an adjective) with an exclamation point.

Driver has Drive! and three other traits.

Fighter has Fight! and three other traits.

Lifter has Lift! and three other traits.

Something Else has four traits.

Some more traits: Strong!, Sneaky!, Smart!, Quick!. More traits can be found here.

But for the fate system, these will kinda directly correlate to Fate's aspect.

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