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Dr. Alex Brandt

Dr. Alex Brandt, the Expert

1 Charm
0 Cool
2 Sharp
1 Tough
2 Weird


Luck: Okay ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ Doomed

Harm: Okay ☐☐☐|☐☐☐☐ Dying


Experience: ☐☐☐☐☐


  • I've read about this sort of thing: Roll +Sharp instead of +Cool when you act under pressure.
  • Often Right: When a hunter comes to you for advice about a problem, give them your honest opinion and advice. If they take your advice, they get +1 ongoing while following their advice, and you mark experience.


You have set up a haven, a safe place to work.

  • Lore Library: When you hit the books, take +1 forward to investigate the mystery (as long as historical or reference works are appropriate).
  • Workshop: You have a space for building and repairing guns, cars and other gadgets. Work out with the Keeper how long any repair or construction will take, and if you need extra supplies or help.
  • Magical Laboratory: You have a mystical lab with all kinds of weird ingredients and tools useful for casting spells (like the use magic move, big magic, and any other magical moves)


  • Magical Dagger (2-harm hand magic)
  • Flamethrower (2-harm close fire heavy volatile)
  • Shotgun (3-harm close messy loud)

Player Character History

Dr. Brandt's Journal

Safe haven: The Station

Researcher/Professor at Howard Phillip University

Dr. Alex Brandt has a Ph.D in Physics. They came to HPU for a research fellowship. There, they got into all the weird shit that seems to happen around town. They live at The Station.

Used to be a member of a cult associated with Azathoth. (Order of the Unseen Flute). Tim (Will) left the cult because the group didn't follow the teachings. I left because the group wanted to do human sacrifice, I didn't.

Alex was raised in Germany and Switzerland, parents were physicists at CERN. Alex got their Ph.D. in physics from TU Darmstadt. While job searching, they got a very good offer from HPU, heading up the physics research program. During their ten-year tenure there, they learned about magic and other “weird stuff”, which most senior faculty at HPU actually study.

Relationships to Player Characters

I taught Tim how to control his powers.

I was in the Order of the Unseen Flute with Tim.

Anaïs (kitty) is my pupil. I teach her “physics” after school.

According to Anaïs, I am, at heart, a good and righteous person. Anaïs must help me stay this way.

I act as Magnus Dresden's conscience when power goes to his head. Mangus and I went bowling. Magnus got mad when he got a gutter ball, and blew up three lanes.

I saved Magnus's life in a tight spot.

I helped Kaí out when a spell went awry. They were trying to use blood magic to curse Anaïs to tell them their secret. They turned into a frog. I turned them back into a person.

Kaí came to me for advice, and my advice got them out of trouble.

Relationships to Non-Player Characters

I tried to expose Jim Hodgman's use of human sacrifice in the Order of the Unseen Flute. As a result, he went into hiding, and the Order, to my knowledge, disbanded.

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