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Dr. Brandt's Journal

(translated from the German)

Starting at the University

1 August 2008

I just met the Dean of Natural Sciences, Jim Hodgman. He's eccentric and very charismatic. He showed me my office at the university. It is nice, but the laboratory space is lacking. They expect me do particle physics in a broom closet! But after seeing my salary and my budget, space won't be a problem for long. I've already got my eye on the warehouse at the old newspaper. It's perfect: plenty of space, close to the university, and dirt cheap. I think I might even be able to snag the old offices attached.

2 August 2018

Finally got around to seeing the X-Files movie. It was disappointing.

4 August 2008

Things are moving right along. I asked Hodgman if it would be fine if I leased lab space to the university so I could work on my own projects without using university resources, and have a single work space. He winked at me, muttered something about me wanting “passive income”, and said yes. I still can't get a bead on this guy. Either way, it looks like once the ink is dry on the mortgage, I won't need to go anywhere for a long time.

6 August 2008

Some other professor quit or died or something. They want me to teach. Fuck.

7 August 2008

Went over to a Levin's office to borrow a stapler. He had a book filled with strange symbols out on his desk. When I inquired as to what it was, they said they were working on a D&D campaign. I asked if I could join, and he said sure, when it's ready.

15 August 2008

Went with the other physics faculty to see Tropic Thunder. Had a good time. I'm still trying to figure out what my colleague areas of research are. They keep being vague, or dodging the question. Classes start on Monday. Ach!

18 August 2008

Of course I get Physics 101. Bunch of snot-nosed divinity and philosophy freshmen. Why are they taking physics? Why do I have to teach them? Gott im Himmel!

27 August 2008

Very busy working on collider. Not much free time. Should be done mid September.

18 September 2008

Something happened today. I don't know what. I'm filled with disbelief. After class, I rounded up the physics faculty and anybody else who wanted to come to see the first activation of the collider. The most it was supposed to do was hum a little. Then we'd see pretty pictures on the monitors. Peak energy is 10 GeV. I was running it at 1 GeV. When I flipped the switch, the lights dimmed, the machined hummed. All was in order. Then there was a blinding darkness. Not just the absence of light, but its opposite, radiating out from the collider target. Then this thing appeared. Just looking at it made my head spin. Like stumbling through the M. C. Escher museum drunk, I couldn't tell inside from outside. At the edges of perception, I saw what looked like a giant cuttlefish. I could feel the malice radiating from it. As I'm sitting there, mind melting, my colleagues run at the thing, oblivious to its effect with fucking knives. Where they got these knives, I don't know. They proceed to stab it to death. I manage to shut off the collider. The light returns to the room, and the creature is dead. Levin calls out cheerily “So begins the D&D campaign!”. Everybody has a chuckle. I run out of the lab, back to my house.

19 September 2008, Morning

When I got to work this morning, Hodgman was waiting in my office. He talked about how happy they are to have me, how important my work will be to the university, and how the true purpose of the university is to use “weird shit” to help humanity. I just glare at him. He gives me a dagger, the same as the daggers that the rest of the faculty had the night previous. “Just in case” he says to me with a wink. He invites me to a “Faculty Meeting” tonight.

19 September 2008, Noon

Those fucking bastards left that fucking monster in my fucking freezer. What the fuck.

19 September 2008, Night

Went to the meeting. It wasn't a simple faculty meeting. Many of my colleagues from were there, all of the department heads, and several people that I had seen around town. They answered my questions, did what can only be called magic, and talked excitedly about my “experiment”. I've got a lot of reading to do.

Learning about "Weird Stuff"

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