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The Station

The Station is the nickname for the city block near Howard Phillip University that Dr. Alex Brandt owns. It serves as a base of operations for the Hunters. Alex leases space to the local radio transmitter and studio, home to the public radio station WMTW and the university station WHPU. It also provides a good cover for the high power needs of Alex's Haven. It used to be the home of the city or university paper printing press, before they started outsourcing the printing

Light Haven Public Radio

Light Haven Public Radio is the home of WMTW. It is a modest radio and recording studio, with a handful of offices and studios. Alex acts as the technician, maintaining the transmitting equipment. WHPU has their own studio on campus, with a microwave link to the transmitter.

Light Haven Television

Shares offices with the public radio. Call sign WLHV (Light haven video) Simple studio, basic weather and news.

Light Haven Newspaper

The city newspaper got bought out in the 90's and began to languish. Things came to a head in 20XX when the parent company started selling off assets, including the real estate. This is when Alex came to the town around this time and bought the campus and turned it into their lab, and started leasing the extra office space to the local radio, TV station, and brought back the newspaper (in reduced capacity and a more local readership).

Alex's House

Alex's house is a three story townhouse converted from the offices of the newspaper, with three bedroom, a garage, an office, and a small workshops where “normal” stuff happens. Weird shit happens in the Haven.

Alex's Haven

Located in the old print room, Alex's Haven has high ceilings with windows up high. In event of emergency, shutters can be easily deployed, covering the windows and barring all doors. It has loading docks and equipment elevators, so moving heavy equipment in and out is no problem. Also has a garage and plenty of room for all the hunter's vehicles. Alex's “physics” experiments funded by the university take place here, so the comings and goings of heavy equipment raises no eyebrows.

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