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Ekais, God of the Sea (Water, Fate, Travel, and Freedom)

Zustus, God of Light (Sun, Creation, Fate, Perfection)

Thysin, God of the Dead (Death, Secrecy, Pain, Moon)

Imnir, God of Civilization (Magic, Knowledge, Cities, Protection)

Arbris, God of Merchants (Nature, Travel, Wealth, Ambition)

Thigbris, God of Druids (Nature, Might, Secrecy, Magic)

Runos, God of Home (Might, Earth, Protection, Family)

Curis, God of Medicine (Healing, Fire, Ambition, Perfection)

Setia, God of Celebration (Passion, Indulgence, Moon, Confidence)

Begana, God of Art (Creation, Confidence, Freedom, Truth)

Oklan, God of Natural Disasters (Air, Destruction, Earth, Fire)

Vexdall, God of Conquest (Tyranny, Undeath, Luck, Ambition)

Iren, God of Predators (Zeal, Might, Nature, Indulgence)

Enesis, God of Dreams (Dreams, Healing, Passion, Truth)

Ziris, God of the Stars (Darkness, Fate, Magic, Knowledge)

Moton, God of Thieves (Trickery, Wealth, Confidence, Cities)

Vidite, God of Punishment (Nightmares, Travel, Pain, Truth)

Ebin, God of Weapons (Zeal, Creation, Destruction, Might)

Aara, God of Chance (Luck, Indulgence, Travel, Protection)

Dagtia, God of Disease (Death, Pain, Water, Cities)

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