Magevein City Watch

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The Magevein City Watch is charged by the City Council to "keep the peace and enforce the laws". There are around 2700 uniformed watchpersons, with about 1400 non-uniformed support staff. There are 23 boroughs, each divided further into smaller wards, for a total of about 92 wards.

Ranks in the Magevein City Watch (in ascending order) are: - Lance-Constable (only used in training) - Constable - Lance-Corporal - Corporal - Sergeant - Sergeant-at-Arms - Lieutenant - Captain - Commander

The smallest and most common are simple outposts, having around 30 watchpersons, divided into three shifts. These outposts are simple, consisting of little more than a cell or two, an office, and a break room. These are staffed by constables, lance-corporals, and Corporals.

The the borough stations have more support staff, and are headed by lieutenants. More specialized roles, such as detectives, crime scene investigators, and task forces are filled by sergeants and headed by lieutenants.

The entire watch is headed by a commander, with a handful of captains assisting them as they see fit.