Physics 232

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Course Information

Fundamentals of Physics: Wave Motion, Optics, and Modern Physics. Spring 2020 course. Physics 232:006 CRN:23409.

Class Time: MWF 11:15-12:05, Room 415. Lab Time: T 12:20 - 14:15

Book: University Physics with Modern Physics by Young and Freedman. Addison-Wesley. Preferred Edition: 12e.

Professor: Dr. Norman Mannella

Office: 210 Nielsen Physics Building

Phone: (865) 974-6123



Continuation of Physics 231.

Topics: Oscillations, waves, sound, light, optics, special relativity, quantum mechanics and basic aspects of modern physics.

Mandatory Labs. Homework will be on Mastering Physics.

Grading: Homework 10% Labs 30% Tests 30% Final 30%

How do we work in class?

Lectures will cover only part of textbook material. You must read the material ahead of class.