Dr. Alex Brandt

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Player Character History

Brandt's Journal

Safe haven: The Station

Researcher/Professor at Howard Phillip University

Dr. Alex Brandt has a Ph.D in Physics. They came to HPU for a research fellowship. There, they got into all the weird shit that seems to happen around town. They live at The Station.

Used to be a member of a cult associated with Azathoth. (Order of the Unseen Flute). Tim (Will) left the cult because the group didn't follow the teachings. I left because the group wanted to do human sacrifice, I didn't.

Alex was raised in Germany and Switzerland, parents were physicists at CERN. Alex got their Ph.D. in physics from TU Darmstadt. While job searching, they got a very good offer from HPU, heading up the physics research program. During their ten-year tenure there, they learned about magic and other "weird stuff", which most senior faculty at HPU actually study.

Relationships to Player Characters

I taught Tim how to control his powers.

I was in the Order of the Unseen Flute with Tim.

Anaïs (kitty) is my pupil. I teach her "physics" after school.

According to Anaïs, I am, at heart, a good and righteous person. Anaïs must help me stay this way.

I act as Magnus Dresden's conscience when power goes to his head. Mangus and I went bowling. Magnus got mad when he got a gutter ball, and blew up three lanes.

I saved Magnus's life in a tight spot.

I helped Kaí out when a spell went awry. They were trying to use blood magic to curse Anaïs to tell them their secret. They turned into a frog. I turned them back into a person.

Kaí came to me for advice, and my advice got them out of trouble.

Relationships to Non-Player Characters

I tried to expose Jim Hodgman's use of human sacrifice in the Order of the Unseen Flute. As a result, he went into hiding, and the Order, to my knowledge, disbanded.